News Updated on: 5 April 2019

Create mockups with crop and slice tools!


Want to quickly mockup a new layout you have without bugging the designer or using special mockup software? You can easily create and share your ideas with Conceptboard using our new crop and slice tools.

Introducing Conceptboard Crop and Slice Tools

Conceptboard was created to help you get the vision out of your head and to the people you work with. When we introduce new features, we want to make this process easier or more robust so you and your team can be more productive. Our new Crop and Slice tools make it super easy and flexible way to visualize your ideas and share it with others without investing a ton of effort.  

Video Overview – Mockups

We created a quick video overview showing a potential use case for the new Crop and Slice tools. Let’s say you have a landing page that you’d like to update. You want to quickly see how the page would look if you moved around some elements, or maybe added new elements, without spending a lot of time creating mockups.

With the Crop and Slice Tools, you can do this with just a few quick clicks! Simply drag in an image* of your current landing page and start selecting elements and arranging them how you want! You can select a section and crop it down to a new size. And when you crop or slice an image, you can easily restore it back to the original. These tools give you a super flexible way to visualize your ideas without investing a ton of effort.

*You can also paste an image from your desktop clipboard with a Google Chrome browser

Crop Image Interface

The Crop Image Interface  appears when you select an image. You still see the squares in the corner to allow you to resize the image. The new rectangles along the sides now allow you to crop the image as well.

Crop Image Interface

Slice Image Interface

The Slice Image Interface appears when you select a portion of an image. Simply click the blue overlay on the selection to create a new element.

Slice Image Interface for Mockups

For a detailed overview on how the tools work, check out our FAQ.



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