News Updated on: 5 April 2019

New Tokbox WebRTC Video Conferencing Integration

conceptboard tokbox integration


To spread a little holiday cheer, we’ve released one final integration before the end of the year! With the new TokBox video conference integration, we wanted to enable everyone working together on visual content to communicate in a more natural way.

One of the biggest challenges that companies face today is ensuring clear communication in teams that are increasingly flexible, remotely distributed and global. In a survey of global business leaders,

52% said that they expected video conferencing to be their preferred method of communication by 2016.

Collaboration tools that integrate video conferencing help span geographical distances and keep teams working productively, no matter their location. A study from the Netherlands found that video conferencing is the most successful method of communication for creating the feeling of a shared space and improving team cohesiveness in distributed and remote teams.

“WebRTC rocks! It makes audio and video available to web apps in great quality and with a stable interface. On Conceptboard, it enables a distributed team to collaborate on visuals and designs as if they were in the same ‘physical war-room’.”, says Conceptboard CEO Daniel Bohn.

virtual team video conferencing

Our  new video integration includes:

  • Up to 6x faster connections and improved audio and video quality
  • Goodbye Flash! No software to download and install
  • Connect with anyone that has a current WebRTC­enabled browser or device, including Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer
  • Mobile video conferencing (web-­based on Android tablets)

We’ve put together an infographic for some of the best practices of holding video conferences in Conceptboard. Check it out below!

Tips for Successful Video Conferencing in Conceptboard

Download this infographic.

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2 thoughts on “New Tokbox WebRTC Video Conferencing Integration

  1. Thanks for update! Should try it with my team. But I can see a little bug in Google chrome on PC. When I activate video I can see a “mute” button, everything works fine but if I press it the icon changes. And while hovering muted button there seems to be an issue with a button background image. Looks like CSS background setting is “repeat” insted of “none” :)

    1. button.OT_edge-bar-item.OT_mute.OT_mode-auto.OT_active {
      background-repeat: no-repeat;
      Yes! This setting solves the problem!

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