News Updated on: 5 April 2019

Conceptboard is Faster!


We hope your 2014 has gotten off to a successful start! Here at Conceptboard, we’ve started the new year by releasing some major improvements to Conceptboard’s core service. It’s now a lot faster and more streamlined so that we can accelerate your collaboration workflows even more! Here’s what we changed:

Overall App Performance

The overall app performance was improved with several updates on both the server and the hardware side. Our goal was to answer requests from your client devices faster than ever! Not only to accelerate page delivery within the app, but also improving your search and board interaction. You will notice these improvements particularly on your home and boards overview pages. The graph below shows the CPU load of one of Conceptboard’s instances that’s mainly used for board querying and delivery. What you see is that the overall load has decreased dramatically from 1 day before to 1 day after the release, leading to faster results and better responsiveness in your browser!

Diagram – Conceptboard performance before and after speed improvements

Boards Overview Reworked

At the same time, we’ve reworked the boards overview page with a cleaner look that displays live activity on your boards! Beside having a lighter, more structured design, we added an indicator to let you know when someone is currently working on a board. Now searching and finding your boards is not only faster, you can also see who is working on a board at that very moment and join them instantly for a live session. Neat!

Screenshot of new boards overview page


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