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It’s that time again. The new year has begun, on New Year’s Eve you toasted to your friends and made the first resolutions around midnight. If not, don’t worry – because now you can make up for it. We’re giving you the opportunity to make the new year 2022 yours with Conceptboard!

To make it happen, we’ve created a new template. You can fill it in alone or together with your team to keep track of your or your team’s goals throughout the year. How does it work? It’s really simple, just keep reading.

Your agile annual chart

The Annual Planner wants to be a tool that helps you organize your 2022 in the best possible way. With its help, you can structure, time, and plan your upcoming goals and projects – keeping you in control before they start controlling you.   

On the upper left side of the template, you’ll find the instructions to help guide you. Whether you follow it or do your own is up to you! Templates are just that: templates. And templates live from being customized and adapted.

How does it work?

(1) In the lower left corner you will find the so-called Backlog. On sticky notes, collect here all the unfinished goals and projects of the past year that you want to take with you. And of course, all new goals for the year 2022.

(2) If you are working with your team, discuss the content of the sticky notes to make your goals realistic, but ambitious at the same time. Pro-tip: Be sure to use the timer in this case and agree on a time limit. You can find it at the bottom right of the screen behind the stopwatch icon.

(3) Once you have the wording, you can use the voting feature to rank by importance. If you don’t know it yet and want to know how the voting feature works exactly, you can read about it in another post here.

(4) For the distribution of the slips to the individual quarters, think about urgency and complexity, but also regarding feasibility. Try to set tasks with a high chance of success at the beginning of the year, so-called quick wins. But don’t hesitate to break complex goals into smaller milestones!

(5) Try to maintain clarity when prioritizing. Since especially substantial goals can’t be summarized in a few words, an area for detailed descriptions is prepared on the right side of the template. 


Try it out

Pro-Tip: If you like, you can easily link your quarterly goals using the object links feature. To do this, simply select your note and right-click on “Copy object link” to save this individual link to the clipboard. You can then assign it to the target object in the same way via “Add link”.

Conceptboard wishes you and your team a successful 2022!

You have your own ideas or suggestions for new templates or how to improve existing ones? Just send us an email to and help us to become the world’s best virtual collaboration tool!

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Plan your 2023 – with Conceptboard! | Free template

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