Productivity Updated on: 5 April 2019

4 tips to get you working faster

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Want to collaborate with your team even faster? Here are some tips to help you quickly get content onto a board and start collaborating, starting with 3 awesome features available for everyone.

Three For All

1.) Paste Content from Desktop Clipboard

You probably already know that you can drag and drop content from your computer or the web. Now, when you use a Chrome browser, you can paste items directly from other desktop applications, such as Photoshop or Powerpoint! Simply use your computer’s copy and paste shortcuts. Check out the details with this FAQ.

2.) Slice and Crop Images

Let’s say you want to quickly see how a website would look if you moved around or added some elements, without spending a lot of time creating mockups. With the Crop and Slice Tools, you can select a portion on the image to slice and click to copy the selection into a new element. The select tool now also shows the option to crop when an image is selected. Simply drag the side rectangles to crop the image.

3.) Live Locations

Ever feel like you are updating someone on a concept and you don’t know where they are looking? With Live Locations you can see where each user is on the board is to keep your review on track. Simply click the live locations button in the lower right corner of a board to turn it on.

Plus One For Pro

4.) @Mention Users

Are you trying the 30 day complimentary upgrade* or have already signed up as a user on a Team Plan? If so, you can also use @Mentions to increase your productivity! @Mentions allows you to involve another user in a discussion you are having. Whether you want an update, need them to review a document, or add some content to a board, using @Mentions alerts them and directs them to your comment. If you mark the comment as a task, the @mentioned user is automatically assigned the task!

*If you have not taken advantage of our 30 day complimentary upgrade yet, you can try it out with your existing account by clicking here.


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