Visual collaboration with  salesforce chatter

Increase your team's productivity by connecting Conceptboard to Chatter.

  • Collaborate visually
  • Real-time & live
  • Increased productivity
  • Easy setup

Enhance your Chatter groups
with visual collaboration

Discuss your drafts and documents online, directly from within Chatter: presentations, offers, marketing material, designs…Everything accessible via browser and mobile.
All comments concentrated in one place.
Your co-worker wants to collect feedback on a draft? Then he or she simply creates a Conceptboard, uploads the draft and connects the board to the Chatter group of his or her choice. An access link is posted automatically within the group and all group participants now have online access to the draft. Hence they can comment collaboratively at a single place, and directly within the content. Without emails and without any complex file transfers.

Work together in real-time, hassle-free and whenever you want to

With Conceptboard everyone from your team may work on their boards at any time, discuss content and give feedback. The other team members receive notifications of new updates on a regular basis. But they can also work on a board at the same time – and without circumstance!Meet on a Conceptboard to talk live about
questions and details.
Conceptboard enhances Chatter not only with real-time collaboration within documents, but also with moderated sessions and live video chat. It opens a direct and personal feedback channel to clarifiy issues face-to-face, if needed. Use it for online presentations and meetings with your team or with external partners and clients. And start it seamlessly from within your Chatter group.

Discussing drafts, making decisions and defining tasks

By integrating Conceptboard into your Chatter group, your team can manage content-related tasks more productively. Even globally scattered teams work together on a central platform that support the document formats they are used to.Benefits:

  • Accelerate decisions through reduced email traffic and discussions in one place
  • Reduce costs through less travel and more flexibility while giving and receiving feedback
  • Improve quality through the use of visual utilities and transparent processes

Setup Conceptboard
for your Chatter team

Setting up Conceptboard for your team is easy as pie. Just sign up for a Conceptboard Team License and connect your Salesforce user account in the settings of your Conceptboard profile. After that go to the team page within your Conceptboard account and add as many users from Salesforce to your team at Conceptboard as you want.Every user may use his or her existing Salesforce user account to login and work inside of Conceptboard.Connecting a single board to a Chatter group is done via the export menu on the board itself. You choose the Chatter group from a list of your groups within Salesforce. This group receives the initial link to the board and afterwards also the updates that are posted automatically as the work on the board progresses.

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