Conceptboard for schools and universities

Interactive, visual online collaboration

Conceptboard provides an easy online whiteboard application for presentations and group work. Content, documents and ideas can be visualized as a perfect basis for creative interaction. Students can attend the presentation from almost every place on earth.

Teachers can give direct feedback on students' homework while students can use their own device. Conceptboard combines the functionalities of a pinboard, a flip chart and a whiteboard in a digital work environment.

Your benefits:

  • Interactive live presentations for classrooms
  • Expanded classrooms to every place on earth
  • Student group work on various devices
  • Individual tasks & homework


$199 per year
up to 20 teachers & 200 students

Visual online collaboration for educational usage

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Square meters unlimited
Guests unlimited
Whiteboard Tools
Conceptboard Toolkit (draw, shapes)
Comments and Stickynotes
Live Locations
Video chat
Moderation mode
Social Sharing optional
Google Drive Integration
Chatter Integration
File imports (drag, upload, app)
Attachment download
Project Management
Email Alerts
Team member management
Task Assignments
Custom subdomain
Custom login page
Constant SSL encryption
Password protected boards
Disable social sharing
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Have a look at our example boards

Present interactively

Present your course material with Conceptboard and work live with comments and visual clarifications. Once created you may copy your content any number of times, develop it further or share it with colleagues.

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Improve student discussions

Conceptboard allows simple discussions of any content. Students may login with their own user accounts, collaborate, argue and give each other feedback in a context sensitive way.

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Exchange precise feedback

Comments and feedback on detail level is very simple in Conceptboard: All discussions are location-dependent and can therefor be held very precisely. If that is not enough, use the scribble tools for visualizations.

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Work methodically on complex topics

Designs and their implementation become complex quite often: Different players, lots of details and plenty of tasks. With Conceptboard you have a tool on your hand to manage even complex projects in a structured way.

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