Visual online collaboration for your projects

Discover how Conceptboard's online whiteboards will
boost productivity within your projects.

Easy navigation

Use the minimap for an overview on and a quick navigation through your board's content. Or set up an outline with the most important headlines.

Integrate in your workflows

Easy invitation and report mechanisms make integrating Conceptboard in your workflows a breeze. If you are already using Google Drive or Salesforce Chatter, it's even faster.

Comment in context

Discuss directly within the context of your documents instead of sending them back and forth as files.

Keep track of updates

Conceptboard gives you an easy overview of all board activity. Quickly review the newest updates or navigate through the board.

Create and check off tasks

Create a task directly within a detail's context, mark its status and make the project's progress visible to the other participants.

Communicate visually

Scribble freely on your board, add screenshots or use highlighters, shapes and sticky notes: Communicate your ideas better by using visual tools anytime you want.

Stay in touch

Use the board's chat for an additional personal channel besides the professional discussions on detail level.

Start live conferences

Meet others live on your boards and start ad-hoc video conferencing. Or enhance a simple telephone conference with visual features like a guided presentation through a document.

Conceptboard comes with everything you need to simplify collaboration
in your team, with suppliers and with customers.

available in the Chrome Web Store works on MacOSX, Windows and iPad

Put comments and tasks
in context

Manage your project by discussing ideas and assigning tasks directly on your content. Easily involve team members in a conversation and your workflow. This is how creative collaboration gets put into action!

Quickly view and access updates

Alerts make sure that you get the detail you need on the activity you want. You can easily view your alerts for a board along with your assigned tasks and all comments for a quick overview of the board activity. Want more information? Click on a task or comment for easy navigation.

Cross device collaboration

The use of Conceptboard is not tied to specific devices. You can collaborate with your peers on various devices as for example PCs, notebooks, the iPad and digital whiteboards. All updates are processed in real-time.

Live locations

With the live location option, you directly know where all participants members are located on the board and what screen part they currently see. Use it to make sure you are on the same spot e.g. during a phone call or a video chat session.

Moderate sessions

Start a live presentation for all connected participants and guide them through your board. Everyone will see the same parts of the board as you do. A perfect supplement to live video & voice or telephone conferences.

Hassle-free import of your files and documents

Work with your kinds of documents, e.g. Word, Excel, Powerpoint, PDF files, Photoshop or images and screenshots. All files are immediately ready for discussion, but they also stay accessible in the original format for all the participants.

Visual collaboration with Google Drive

You are already using Google Drive? Then connect Conceptboard: Add visual collaboration to all your existing Drive documents and manage documents and boards at a single spot. Learn more about the integration.

Embedded chat and live video & voice

Make remote collaboration in Conceptboard even more social by using the board's chat and enabling live video & voice for all participants on all your boards: Up to 5 sending and up to 50 receiving participants at the same time without additional meeting software.

In-browser screenshot tool

You can take screenshots of whatever you want and import it to your boards. No matter if it is your email client, your office software or an application for photo editing. It's in your board with one click. *

* an up-to-date installation of Java is required

Visual collaboration with Salesforce Chatter

You're already using Salesforce Chatter? Then connect Conceptboard and enhance your Chatter groups with automatic notifications on your board's updates. Learn more about the integration.

Security and access control

Security plays a substantial role while developing and operating all Conceptboard licenses. All professional licences include additional protection mechanisms and constant SSL encryption for you, your team and all your participants. To guarantee industrial high standards Conceptboard is periodically reviewed by security experts at