Breaking the Ice: Part 2 & Template!

With all the great responses we have been receiving to our previous template posts, we wanted to keep the ball rolling. We have created a new template for fun icebreaker activities!

When working in a team setting, whether remote or not, it is always better to know your fellow teammates before starting a new project together. Getting involved in icebreakers activities will increase the team building process to create better relationships in the long run.

Find the template at the bottom of this post to try out these activities with your team!

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Secure Conceptboard enterprise and on-premises

Conceptboard On-Premises delivers collaboration to your enterprise’s private cloud!

Today, I am proud to announce that online visual collaboration platform for teams and enterprises is now available as a self-hosted solution that runs on your local network. Introducing Conceptboard On-Premises, a new secure solution for companies and enterprises in highly regulated industries.

We’re bringing the benefits of online visual collaboration behind the company firewall, and helping organisations reap the productivity benefits of web based collaboration tools.

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Customer Journey Mapping + Template

Mapping out a Customer Journey: Part 2 + Template

A couple of months ago, we created a blog post about Customer Journey mapping. We got such great feedback that we wanted to highlight a few more details regarding this process. We’ve also been asked to create templates, so you asked, we listened, a template can be found on the bottom of this post!

As a customer, you want to experience the best possible journey across all touchpoints, from the beginning to the very end, without any hiccups or problems. So for business owners, it’s important to thoughtfully map out the interactions your customers have with your business.

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New Conceptboard Visual Adoption Guides

Visual Guides for New Users: How to get started in the board in Conceptboard

As the number of Conceptboard new users grows, we want to make sure that every new user can pick up the basics of Conceptboard quickly and hit the ground running. After all, the faster you learn how use Conceptboard to fit your particular needs, the more efficiently you can collaborate with your team on visual content and projects!

We’re releasing the second part of a new series of visual adoption guides for users, for new and experienced users alike! These easy visual manuals include tips and screenshots to  help you and teammates understand and use Conceptboard’s features in the way that best fits within your team’s and project’s workflows.

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Generating ideas in idea boards

Building better products: Idea boards at work

Having a pool of ideas in front of you is great for rattling up your creative side. But when all ideas are scattered on shopping lists, the back of restaurant receipts, and bubble gum wrappers, they will not be as useful as they should be. Generating ideas is hard enough, especially in a group setting, but when an organizational system isn’t put in place, it can become time consuming and useless.

Including idea boards to your workflow is beneficial because they can fit to any use case and can be used in many different ways. No matter the purpose, they are meant for keeping all ideas in one centralized place so everyone can have access to all necessary information.

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6 simple steps for making a difficult team decision

In today’s fast-paced environment and rapidly changing technologies, remote teams are quickly becoming the norm and not the outlier.

 91% of organisations worldwide have already adopted some form of flexible working

Leaders need to understand how to adapt and make decisions in the right way, that matches the new flexible, landscape of work. By making use of the people you have, spending time to understand the situation, weighing a variety of options, and explaining the decision to important stakeholders, leaders can facilitate better decisions and set their teams up for success. No matter what decision needs to take place, follow these simple steps and have a look at the infographic below.

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Conceptboard New Design And Archiving

Fresh App Design and New Archiving for Boards and Projects!

It’s spring time at Conceptboard! We’re introducing our brand new app design as well as some great new features – first of all project and board archiving! The new archive feature allows you to remove old or completed work from your boards overview without losing them forever.

Board archiving is available to all our users, while project archive is available to all our professional users. To get you started, we’ve moved old projects that have not been changed for 6+ months to your archive already. Let’s clean up the clutter and get to archiving!

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Upcoming Conceptboard Scheduled Maintenance

Important Upcoming Scheduled Maintenance


12:36 CEST UPDATE: The scheduled maintenance is over. All systems are back to normal operation, thank you everyone for your patience!

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Sneak peek: Getting ready for next week!

We are very excited to introduce a new design and some great features that will be coming to Conceptboard in the coming week! While we are polishing off the finishing touches, here’s a quick peek at what you can expect:

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With Great Leadership Comes Great Responsibility

The 6 Leadership Styles Needed for a Productive Team

It is no easy task becoming a leader of a group. Depending on the situation, a leader with certain qualities must know what to do to benefit the entire team. For example, a leader that mainly focuses on building team spirit will probably not be able to handle crisis situations, and vice versa.

62 percent of top-performing companies say the most important factor to improve their organization’s agility is the right leadership team.

When it comes to building healthy and productive modern teams, the 6 Emotional Leadership styles are great to keep in mind, especially when using the correct tools in Conceptboard. In the book Primal Leadership, Daniel Goleman, Richard Boyatzis, and Annie McKee show that great leadership has a direct correlation with emotions, meaning strong leaders can read the emotions of the team and change their leadership styles accordingly.

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